City TV

City TV is a large display made up of LEDs

City TV is mostly used outdoors. The use of urban television in city squares and urban commercial complexes is the gateway to public, private organizations, parks, universities, and so on. A city TV should have some important and main items

First: be waterproof for rainwater or periodic washing of the second city TV: be shockproof to deal with objects in different parts of the city

Third: In direct sunlight be well visible

Fourth: It is easy to display everything you need

Fifth: City TV inputs must have HTMA, USB, and video ports, and they can perform live without Max

Sixth: High quality original parts from world famous and standard brands

Seventh: Have immediate and unconditional after-sales service

Eighth: Due to the high initial cost, the seller must have a variety of cash and installment sales methods

Ninth: Periodic services are one of the best ways to prevent urban TV failures

Tenth: Have a foundation and approval with the approval of the Engineering System Organization

Eleventh: Urban TV should have a beautiful and attractive composite facade design

?What is an urban display

۷۳% of consumers prefer to buy from centers that are equipped with a large city TV

۵۲% of viewers are able to remember the broadcast messages

Thirty-three percent of passers-by stop or pause in front of large city displays to see messages being played

This medium increases the probability of buying by 37%. This medium will increase the desire to buy in the future by 33%. This medium increases brand awareness and recall by up to 48%

This medium increases the probability of repurchase by 33%

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