Introducing Lominex

Lominx in 2009 its activities in the production and import of lighting products as well as

Launched a variety of projects related to this area of ​​expertise

Lominex Group started its legal activities with two high-profile companies, Mehr afarin, as a parent company, and Shetab Sanat Arvand Company, as a sub-branch company, in order to enjoy tax exemptions in the free zones

Lominx brand, owned by the parent company, Parto Taban Mehrafarin, has been registered to offer the company’s products to the market

Lominx Group is one of the few companies in the country that operates in all four areas of design, production, import of lighting products and related projects

From the beginning of its entry into the lighting and lighting industry, Luminx has been one of the pioneers of this industry in the country and has carried out many governmental and non-governmental projects in this field, some of which are mentioned below

:Theoretical government projects

Change of lighting towers of Khorramshahr Port and Maritime Administration from high-consumption mercury and sodium vapor lamps
Changing the light towers of Abadan port from mercury and sodium vapor lamps to light
Building lighting of Khorramshahr Port and Maritime Administration
Lighting of the central building of Abadan Port and Maritime Administration
Lighting of Iran-Kuwait passenger terminal of Khorramshahr Port and Maritime Administration
Main and historical entrance lighting of Abadan Oil Refinery
Entrance lighting of Arvand Free Zone Organization building
Design and construction of solar billboards in Khorramshahr industrial town for the first time in the country
Lighting of Arvand Free Zone Industrial Town with Al-Ayadi
Dozens of related projects regarding the urban beautification of the country’s municipalities

:Also designing and implementing other non-governmental and commercial projects such as

Imam Reza Grand Bazaar Lighting
Aquarium building lighting
Lighting of Barman Hotel
Dr. Mahmoudi’s building located in Pasdaran
Captain and Agha tea building in Pasdaran
Carpet city building in the port
Blue Tower
Lighting of the reception complex on the 3rd of Khordad
Lighting of more than 100 reception and ceremonial halls across the country

Lominex is also a leader in the design, manufacture and production of a variety of lighting products, and in some products has been able to compete with similar imported models in terms of quality

Lominex products are a well-known name in the market for the sale of lighting products for professionals in this field

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