Facade Lighting

Facade lighting is a very important part of the design
Because everything you see in the middle of the night depends on the lighting.

LED dance stage

Most people choose a beautiful environment for their wedding to have good memories of the environment.
One of the environments is stylish and beautiful halls.

TV and city screen

The price and durability of these TVs are the most important factors that occupy the minds of buyers. Usually people want to buy the product at the lowest cost.

lighting products

Lominex is the first manufacturer of lighting products in Iran
lamp frame, LED point, LED tube and ... including products

Our mission

Lominex is one of the few companies in the country that operates in all four areas of design, production, import of lighting products and related projects

Lominex from the beginning of its introduction into the lighting and lighting industry, has been one of the pioneers of this industry in the country and has carried out many governmental and non-governmental projects in this field

What we do

We are one of the first leading companies in this field

Also, this collection is a leader in designing, manufacturing and producing all kinds of lighting products

Lominex products are a well-known name in the market for the sale of lighting products for professionals in this field

Lominex Certificates

Introducing Lominex Company

In 2009, the company started its activities regarding the production and import of lighting products and also the implementation of various projects related to this specialized field

Lominex began its legal activities with two high-profile companies, Mehr afarin as the parent company and Shetab Sanat Arvand as a subsidiary to enjoy tax exemptions in the free zones

About us

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